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McBrayer launches Hospitality Microsite

The McBrayer Hospitality attorneys have created a one-stop source for resources and opinions on all aspects of hospitality law in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. This site provides information and insight into the law and public policy regarding alcoholic beverages, restaurants, food trucks and more, all areas in which McBrayer and MML&K Government Solutions serve up the knowledge and experience necessary to help businesses in the hospitality industry begin, survive and thrive. From opening a distillery, brewery, or winery, to operating a food truck or running a restaurant, to working to change legislation and improve public policy, McBrayer and MML&K Government Solutions are an all-inclusive resource for every area of hospitality law.

We can guide you through the liquor licensing process, the formation of a business entity, the logistics of land use and the legislative process for crafting public policy, and we can do it all with the same sound legal advice and weight of experience that is the hallmark of the McBrayer name.

Learn more by visiting our hospitality microsite at kyliquorlaw.com.

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