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Q&A with McBrayer 2019 Summer Associate Joey Mackey

July 24, 2019

Like many law firms, McBrayer hires Summer Associates, law students who work within the firm during the summer.  These individuals work closely with our attorneys to gain practical legal experience.  This is the last of the Q&A sessions with our summer associates, featuring Joey Mackey, a UK law student from Jacksonville, FL.

Why did you choose to become a lawyer?

I wanted to become a lawyer to achieve a sense of fulfillment. While I certainly appreciated my time working in the restaurant industry and the skills I developed from working in that field, I knew I wanted to achieve more. I went to law school because I believe it will provide me the opportunity to accomplish things I otherwise would not be exposed to. Whether those opportunities are working in a law firm, working for a corporation, working for a non-profit, or even politics, I am excited for the future and what lies ahead.

What area of the law interests you the most and why? What area would you like to ultimately practice in?

I like employment law because it affords me the opportunity to apply multiple fundamental pillars of law. One day the client could need an employment contract drafted, the next day the client could need the contract litigated, or the client might need help to stay within compliance of the numerous federal laws regulating employment. I’d like to practice in employment or construction law.

What is something you have found interesting or unique about your time spent at McBrayer so far?

Not necessarily unique, but the friendliness of the office is certainly appreciable. Everyone I have interacted with has been kind and really made me feel included. The culture of the office is something I really enjoy. I think it encourages me to ask people questions, effectively support their arguments, or provide a different prospective on the issue. The work environment this office provides allows me to perform my job at a higher level.

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