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Q&A with McBrayer 2019 Summer Associate Nick Nash

July 17, 2019

Like many law firms, McBrayer hires Summer Associates, law students who work within the firm during the summer.  These individuals work closely with our attorneys to gain practical legal experience.  This is the second of three Q&A sessions with our summer associates, featuring Nick Nash, a UK law student from Lexington, Kentucky.

Why did you choose to become a lawyer?

My parents are both lawyers here in Lexington, so becoming a lawyer always felt like an option for me. Through my parents and internships in college, I met some incredible attorneys who inspired me to go to law school. Whether it is a sense of responsibility to the client, the intellectual challenge presented, or simply the desire to win the case, there is always a reason to be motivated in the practice of law.

What area of the law interests you the most and why? What area would you like to ultimately practice in?

I have enjoyed civil litigation, especially healthcare issues and appellate practice. I’d like to have a diverse practice while I am a younger attorney. Many attorneys at McBrayer have a more diverse practice than I realized was possible, and I believe this allows them to better understand the big picture in a case. Additionally, it seems helpful to have a handle on any of the diverse issues that may arise with a given client.  

What is something you have found interesting or unique about your time spent at McBrayer so far?

The attorneys at McBrayer are so involved in the community and genuinely care about Lexington. It seems like everyone in Lexington knows someone who works here and has good things to say about the firm.

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