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McBrayer Managing Member James H. Frazier, III, Quoted in The Lane Report


September 23, 2020
The Lane Report

McBrayer managing member James H. Frazier, III, was recently quoted in The Lane Report article about the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on law firms, including the shift from in-person to remote operations and what practice areas are most influenced by the outbreak.

Here’s a sample of his response: “We cover a wide range of ground in our practice, but probably the hardest-hit area of our practice is hospitality law, which governs bars, restaurants, hotels and even general tourism. That industry is hurting, and we’re going to do all we can to blunt the impact of the pandemic for those businesses.”

Explore what Mr. Frazier and other law firm leaders think about the pandemic’s effects at The Lane Report article here.James H. Frazier, III

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