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Managing Member James H. Frazier, III, Member Ivan Schell, Senior Attorney Katie Eckert Quoted in The Lane Report

February 2, 2021
The Lane Report

McBrayer Managing Member James H. Frazier, III, Member Ivan Schell, and Senior Attorney Katie Eckert were recently quoted in a Lane Report article about how 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic have altered, perhaps permanently, law firms and their daily operations.

Mr. Frazier spoke to the ways new technologies have transformed certain legal proceedings. "The technologies we relied on in 2020 enabled us to minimize in-person interaction with clients while still participating in face-to-face communication,” he said. “Video calling, electronic signature software, and cloud document sharing took the place of interactions normally done in person while keeping everyone safely distanced. In 2021, these will continue.”

He also spoke to the firm's continuing growth, noting that 2020 brought a number of new attorneys and the creation of two attorney teams within the firm.

As chair of the Diversity and Inclusion committee, Ms. Eckert spoke to how 2020 further exposed systemic issues surrounding diversity in the legal field. "McBrayer’s Diversity and Inclusion committee is working diligently to expand and emphasize our firm’s commitment to diversity,” she said.

Member Ivan Schell, the chair of the Recruitment and Retention committee, addressed the firm's expansion of both the Louisville and Lexington offices, which have added eight new attorneys since the year's beginning. Mr. Schell also shared insights on McBrayer's hiring practices, stating that "Attorneys are pursued through personal contacts and inquiries in the legal community. This includes interviewing at law schools within and outside the state of Kentucky."

To read more from thought leaders in the legal community about the shifts sparked by the pandemic, visit the full article here.

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