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Members Jaron P. Blandford and Stephen G. Amato Quoted in The Lane Report

October 26, 2021

McBrayer Members Jaron P. Blandford and Stephen G. Amato are quoted in The Lane Report's piece about how attorneys are "tackling the pandemic pivot." Like any other profession, attorneys had to adapt their work at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, and those adaptations have continued to evolve. 

Mr. Blandford spoke of the spike in employment law issues during the COVID-19 crisis. "Employers are in uncharted waters in so many ways, and the last year and a half has seen new laws or guidance being thrown into the mix at a breakneck pace," he said. "You really have to operate on a case-by case basis, especially in these times when nothing is like what you knew before and everything could change on a dime."

On the subject of hospitality law, Mr. Amato said, "Everyone is feeling the economic effects of the pandemic in one way or another. Hospitality, for instance, is an industry that has experienced a lot of upheaval throughout the last year and a half--a lot of liquor laws were temporarily changed in the early lockdowns, and some have been altered permanently. Our job is to help clients keep up."

To read more about central Kentucky attorneys' response to the pandemic, and to hear more from Mr. Blandford and Mr. Amato, pick up The Lane Report's Central Kentucky Market Review

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