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Even the most complex litigation cannot solve the often complicated issues stemming from property and business cases. In these instances, what is often a far better solution for creditors is the appointment of a receiver, placing the property or business at issue into a receivership. This places the matter at the heart of a controversy into trusted hands, someone who can provide a structure, administration, oversight and a remedy that may not be readily available through other means.

A receiver acts as an officer of the court and provides an accounting to the court, ensuring that the ongoing business, winding down, or disposition of assets or property are carried out in an orderly and efficient manner. The receiver acts in the interest of all creditors and consumers, and the receiver’s efforts result in better outcomes for those involved.

At McBrayer, we have decades of experience in receivership in Kentucky matters. We can help creditors and courts sort out the affairs of business entities, commercial property owners and others to bring about positive results and leave them in better financial shape than they would have been otherwise.

If you have questions about receivership, please contact the experienced legal team at McBrayer. With law offices in Lexington and Louisville, we serve clients throughout Kentucky and the United States.

Relevant Experience

  • Appointed as Assignee/Trustee in Assignment for Benefit of Creditors of large multi-company coal corporation; Court appointed Chief Liquidation Officer for Appalachian Holding Company, Inc., a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy liquidation of coal companies in two states
  • Appointed as Receiver in the matter of Manalapan Land Company and Black Star Land Company, two family-owned land and coal companies feuding over the assets of the company following the death of the senior and controlling member of the companies
  • Appointed as Receiver in the foreclosure action of Central Bank vs. Imani Baptist Church to manage, preserve and liquidate the assets of the church during the pendency of the foreclosure action for the benefit of the creditors
  • Appointed as Receiver in the matter of Ashland Oil/Valvoline to take possession of and manage the locally owned real estate of the companies during the stages of final separation of Valvoline from Ashland Global Holdings, Inc.
  • Appointed as Receiver for Southern Acres Christian Church to take charge of the church’s financial affairs following the ouster of its senior pastor by the newly-elected board of elders for the church.
  • Appointed as Receiver in Amerra Capital Management LLC v. Elemental Processing LLC to manage, preserve and liquidate the assets of a hemp processing facility with locations in three cities in two states. 
  • Appointed as Receiver in MWI, LLC v. CenterCourt I, LLC to manage and preserve an ongoing commercial apartment and retail complex in Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky. 



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