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how to keep your split from going splat

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Professionals going through a divorce or in need of any other family law service can find sophisticated representation at the law firm of McBrayer. Our experience has positioned us to provide high-quality representation to a frequently mobile client base of doctors, business owners and other professionals. We are prepared to overcome the most challenging issues related to:


Individuals with large estates and high incomes have unique challenges that need to be addressed during a divorce. One of these challenges is mitigating the post-divorce tax consequences. When dividing businesses and other properties accumulated over the years, there can be huge tax consequences that are often overlooked. Our attorneys know about these consequences. More importantly, we know the steps to take to minimize them whenever possible.


Our family law clients come to us with significant legal problems they want solved. Our role is to find the best solution. Often, that means working out the business aspects of divorce cases and coming up with proactive solutions and settlements, rather than plunging headfirst into litigation. We will not engage in unnecessary battles that serve only to run up the bill and decimate the assets available for distribution. We are skilled negotiators.

While we always review other options first, we understand that litigation may become necessary. Our clients are confident when their cases reach this stage, because they know they are represented by lawyers who do not just do paperwork. We know our way around a courtroom and have extensive experience in front of judges and juries. We know how to succeed when trial is necessary.

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