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Business Executive Defense

When a company is the subject of an investigation, what's the best response?

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Defending Business Executives, Managers and Directors

As an executive or officer of a company that is under investigation by a state or federal agency, you may be asked to respond to questions from government investigators or attorneys. Your next step is an important one. Depending on the circumstances, you have personal exposure for the actions you took on behalf of your employer. In addition, your interests could conflict with those of your employer. In this case, you need to be represented by your personal lawyer rather than the company lawyer.

At the law firm of McBrayer our lawyers represent owners, directors and executives who, along with their employers, are under investigation for civil and criminal violations. With offices in Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky and a government relations in Frankfort with a presence in Washington, D.C., our lawyers represent clients throughout the United States.

Protecting your Interests

A company under investigation by a state or federal agency may adopt a "circle the wagons" mentality. It may also seek to keep key employees in line with the company's interests. However, a lawyer representing your employer's interests and a lawyer representing your interests may give very different advice.

As a person who had decision-making authority for your employer, you may have personal liability for the results of those decisions. As a result, you need to seek legal advice before responding to investigators from the federal or state government.

Our lawyers will:

  • Explain your rights
  • Explain the civil and criminal consequences you may face
  • Communicate and coordinate your case with the company's counsel
  • Communicate on your behalf with government investigators and attorneys
  • Seek to limit the scope of the investigation
  • Seek to resolve the case before it rises to a personal civil or criminal proceeding

Take the First Step to Success

To discuss your civil or criminal investigation case with experienced business executive defense attorneys contact the firm online.


Who We Serve

When a corporate investigation gets personal, executives, directors, and officers can find the individual representation they need at McBrayer. Professionals in every industry, such as accountants, physicians, and bankers, depend on McBrayer's defense team during times when the company lawyer is not enough. Those in management and ownership know that sometimes it is not just their business, but their own name that is on the line. When personal exposure is a risk, we come to the defense of the company decision-makers.

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