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Public Sector Liability

Who shoots backs when a good company becomes a "Defendant?"

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Providing Comprehensive Litigation Services

Kentucky law allows tort victims to sue public sector tortfeasors in certain circumstances. This exposes municipalities, county governments and other public sector entities to potentially significant risks, because in our state there is no cap on potential damages. Public sector entities need experienced and effective legal representation to meet these challenges.

McBrayer is a law firm that provides results-oriented representation for cities, county governments and other public sector entities in liability claims. Our attorneys understand the many complex immunity issues and how those immunities can be breached in cases involving negligence claims. Our goal in every case is to achieve a favorable resolution and to minimize the potential liability our clients must bear. In addition to defending public sector entities in tort liability cases, we also provide consulting services designed to help public sector clients avoid accident and tort claims.

We provide representation and services to public sector entities throughout Kentucky, including cities, counties, school districts, and quasi-governmental organizations such as transit, utility and airport authorities.

Defending Municipalities from Civil Liability Actions

McBrayer handles all types of public sector liability cases, including:

Our lawyers will work diligently to obtain an outcome that minimizes potential damages or avoids them altogether.

Consulting Services to Minimize Public Sector Risks

A considerable portion of our work in this field involves the provision of advice and services to minimize potential exposure to tort claims and enhance public sector accountability. We can provide advice concerning employment manuals and policies, record keeping and documentation, and other administrative matters. While these measures may not enable your organization to completely avoid a tort claim in every circumstance, they can put it in a much stronger position, should a lawsuit arise.

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To schedule a consultation about a tort claim or our consulting services, contact McBrayer. We serve municipal clients throughout Kentucky from our law offices in Lexington and Louisville, and a government relations office in Frankfort.


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Our attorneys have over 30 years combined experience defending clients in every facet of Municipal Liability, Public Sector Liability and Civil Rights Claims, both in state and federal court. Our experienced team of litigators also routinely practices before every state and federal appellate court for claims arising out of Kentucky. McBrayer's clients include cities, counties, police departments, police officers, school districts, jails, land and zoning entities, as well as quasi-governmental organizations such as transit, utility and water. Our firm is dedicated to providing the highest quality representation to all public individuals and entities, defending their rights in litigation. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of changes in this complex area of the law, keeping abreast of state and federal court decisions impacting the immunity our public sector clients are entitled to, and how those immunity principles can best be utilized to defend you or your organization in a court of law. We have the know-how, skill, and preparedness to meet whatever municipal or county government needs may arise, from defending constitutional claims, to providing consulting services designed to prevent those claims from ever being made in the first place. We are proud to serve the interests of public entities across the Commonwealth, and you can be rest assured knowing our reputation in the courtroom is second to none.

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