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Product Liability Litigation

Who shoots backs when a good company becomes a "Defendant?"

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When injuries or deaths are blamed on a product, vehicle or machine, the manufacturer may face both financial exposure and public backlash. Under tort liability laws, any company in the distribution chain, especially those with deep pockets, may also be targeted in the lawsuits.

The Kentucky law firm of McBrayer, provides effective defense representation in product liability litigation. We defend manufacturers, distributors, retailers and other providers being sued in individual lawsuits or class actions for alleged product defects. Our trial lawyers provide comprehensive counsel, from media relations to confidential negotiations to trial and appellate advocacy in state and federal courts.

Defense Attorneys for Dangerous and Defective Product Allegations

We are known for sophisticated capabilities in complex business litigation, including product liability defense. Our law firm has successfully thwarted well-funded lawsuits against major manufacturing clients such as Alcoa and Rustoleum. We have also defended distributors and retailers, especially domestic companies sued for damages in lieu of foreign manufacturers.

Our product liability cases have involved workplace machinery, automotive design and automobile component defects, commercial products, building products, consumer products and medical products. In some cases, we have represented companies caught in the middle, such as construction contractors sued for defective materials. In those cases, we have initiated or participated in litigation against manufacturers.

The Skill and Resources for Product Liability Defense

Product liability requires evidence of a design defect, a manufacturing flaw or a failure to warn of known or foreseeable dangers. These cases typically hinge on expert testimony. Our success lies in the ability to find and invest in the right experts. We have relationships with engineers, designers, safety experts and other top professionals around the country.

Our thorough research and courtroom skills likewise enable us to counter and cross-examine plaintiff experts to dispute claims that our clients' products were not manufactured to industry standards.

Take The First Step To Protecting Your Interests

To speak with our experienced Kentucky product liability litigation lawyers, contact us online. With law offices in Lexington and Louisville, and a government relations office in Frankfort with presence in Washington, D.C., we can take cases statewide and beyond.


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McBrayer PLLC, offers expertise in the complex, often highly technical arena of Products Liability Litigation. Our attorneys in this area have keen insight and knowledge of a variety of products and engineering disciplines. Clients we serve range from large manufacturers to individual entrepreneurs and inventors.

Our lawyers are extremely familiar with the provisions of Kentucky's Products Liability Act. In Kentucky, all companies, retailers, and service providers involved with placing a product into the stream of commerce can be named in a product liability suit. Therefore, we represent and defend not only the manufacturer of a product and insurance companies, but also any entity who may be named for their role in distribution-no matter the size. We are a formidable opponent against any product liability suit that you or your business may face.

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