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Business Owner Disputes

What you get in a settlement depends on who's on your side.

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The relationship among members, shareholders, partners and co-owners in a business organization is akin to a marriage. Through your business, your future and the future of another person or persons are connected for better or worse. Unfortunately, many business organizations and marriages end in dissolution, which may be acrimonious.

The law firm of McBrayer, is known for its efficient handling of business owner disputes. Our lawyers represent businesses of all sizes, from small, closely held operations to Fortune 500 companies. With law offices in Lexington and Louisville, and a government relations office in Frankfort, we represent clients throughout Kentucky and the United States.

Our attorneys handle all types of business organization disputes, including those involving:

  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Operating agreements
  • Directors' and officers' rights and liabilities
  • Members' rights and liabilities
  • Partners' rights and liabilities
  • Dissenters' rights
  • Minority and majority interest holders' rights and liabilities
  • Stockholder derivative lawsuits
  • Changes in control
  • Mergers
  • Business dissolutions
  • Trade secret and noncompetition claims
  • Co-ownerships
  • Oppression of minority shareholders and interest holders
  • General and limited partnerships

Our depth of experience in drafting the agreements that form the foundation of a business organization helps us litigate disputes arising from those agreements. We know how to draft operating, buy-sell, noncompetition, bylaws, articles of incorporation, articles of organization, limited partnership, general partnership, co-ownership and other business organization agreements. As a result, we know how to enforce those agreements as well as take them apart.

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Who We Serve

The commercial and business litigation team at McBrayer PLLC, provides experienced, reliable representation to local, statewide, and national businesses. Our attorneys defend and prosecute claims for business and commercial clients ranging in size from individual proprietors to publicly and closely held corporations. We represent officers, directors and shareholders, partnerships and partners, mid-market entities, and individuals in family-owned businesses. We have the know-how, skill, and preparedness to meet whatever your business and commercial needs may be.

Our team of litigators routinely practices in state and federal trial and appeals courts throughout Kentucky. We are proud to serve the interests of companies who are headquartered in our Commonwealth. We also provide excellent legal defense and expertise to companies headquartered outside of the state doing business within the Commonwealth. You can rest assured knowing our reputation in the courtroom is second to none.

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