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The attorneys of McBrayer provide legal counsel for the owners and operators of commercial vehicles, including heavy trucks, in a broad range of areas, including the defense of personal injury and loss claims, operator drug and alcohol testing requirements, addressing owner and operator regulatory compliance issues at the local, state and federal levels, driver wage and hour issues, and loss prevention issues.

We understand and are familiar with interstate and intrastate issues facing the owners and operators of commercial vehicles, including heavy trucks, and with specialty areas such as heavy hauling. Our attorneys have hands-on experience with the operation of heavy trucks and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations. With law offices in Lexington and Louisville and a government relations practice in Frankfort with presence in Washington, D.C., our firm represents trucking companies and owners and operators of commercial vehicles, including heavy trucks, and their insurers throughout the United States.

Defense Against Truck and Commercial Vehicle Accident Claims

The stakes are high in commercial vehicle and heavy truck accident cases. Quick reactions are essential to protect trucking companies, owners and operators of commercial vehicles and heavy trucks, and their insurers from large liability claims. Our law firm works with a team of experts who can be on an accident scene within hours for the purposes of preserving evidence such as:

  • Tire markings and tire skid marks
  • Vehicle impacts on roadways and hazards
  • Roadway signage
  • Natural and man-made obstructions
  • Natural and man-made conditions
  • Debris and wreckage
  • Vehicles and trailers, including black boxes
  • Witness recollections
  • Accident reconstruction data in general

Our lawyers have tried a number of commercial vehicle and heavy truck accident cases to successful defense verdicts. We are also experienced at negotiating settlements to avoid the uncertainty of a jury trial. We work with a variety of experts, including accident reconstructionists, forensic cellular phone usage investigators, human factor experts and mechanical engineers with abilities to offer expert opinions on causation, fault, safety restraint nonusage and resulting ramifications, speed, cellphone usage and resulting ramifications, and impaired/distracted driving and resulting ramifications.

Permits And Other Commercial Vehicle Issues

Our lawyers can help you navigate ever-changing state and federal regulations relating to commercial vehicles and the trucking industry. Our attorneys provide advice and counsel on all legal issues that apply to commercial vehicles, including:

  • Owner-operator and contractor issues
  • Employment disputes
  • Permits for hazardous cargo
  • Toxic spills
  • Permits for trucks that are over-length, overweight or over-height
  • Cargo loss claims
  • Brokerage disputes
  • Insurance

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Trucking companies, truck drivers, commercial transporters, and their insurers turn to McBrayer for representation involving accident cases of every size, from minor property damage to multiple fatalities. From the accident scene to the court room, our team is ready to defend against high-stake claims every step of the way. In addition, our lawyers are able to assist trucking companies and industry players with the numerous state and federal regulations applicable to Class B and Class A trucks. If you or your company is on the road, we travel the distance to deliver quality counsel.

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