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Civil Investigations

What to do when it's your company in the crosshairs.

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Federal Civil Investigations Defense

Many federal and state agencies have in place rules and regulations that are so complicated that even the best run companies sometimes find themselves accused of violating the law. In recent years, new agencies have been created, such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which imposes additional responsibilities and reporting requirements on the corporations they oversee and regulate. CEOs and senior executives at these companies need guidance in order to comply with regulations and deal successfully with civil investigations by these regulatory authorities.

McBrayer has a team of attorneys that advises corporations regarding regulatory compliance matters, helping them to avoid potential problems. When a regulatory issue sparks a civil investigation by a federal or state agency, we provide proactive representation, seeking to resolve the matter in a timely and cost-effective way that minimizes or eliminates your and your company's liability under the law.

Defending your Rights in State and Federal Civil Investigations

A civil investigation by a regulatory agency is quasi-criminal in nature. In fact, agency personnel will employ many of the same methods that are used in criminal investigations in order to obtain evidence. What's more, in a civil investigation, the threshold for culpability is lower than that for a criminal charge. The potential consequences can be significant, including substantial fines and loss of your license. At some point, the civil investigation could lead to a criminal investigation.

Kentucky Civil Investigations 

As a CEO or senior manager facing a civil investigation, you face a difficult problem: You must continue to manage your business while keeping federal investigators at bay. McBrayer will be your advocate if your company finds itself facing a civil investigation. Our lawyers will analyze all aspects of your case and develop an appropriate and strategic response.

Contact a Kentucky Defense Attorney for Civil Investigations

To discuss a civil investigation defense matter with an experienced attorney, contact McBrayer PLLC. We serve clients throughout Kentucky from our offices in Louisville and Lexington. 


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McBrayer offers counsel to corporations of all sizes, organizations, financial institutions, accounting firms, public companies, government contractors, and professionals in industries such as health care that may be undergoing government investigation or are involved in government proceedings. We not only provide proven and effective representation for entities, but also for individuals, including boards of director members, CEOs, management, auditors, and employees who are the target of civil or criminal government actions.

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