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Criminal Investigations

What to do when it's your company in the crosshairs.

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Strategic And Proactive Defense Representation

Much can be done in the early stages of a criminal investigation to improve the position of someone who is accused of a wrongdoing. In certain circumstances, it is beneficial to initiate discussions with the prosecutor or state/federal investigator. At the least, it may shed light on the direction of the investigation, the intentions of the prosecutor and the strength of the evidence against you. These discussions may even enable the defense lawyer to persuade the prosecutor not to file charges or to file less serious charges.

If you are under investigation for your possible involvement in a criminal case or you are the target of a grand jury investigation, you should obtain advice and representation from an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Protecting Your Rights In Criminal Investigations

At McBrayer, we have extensive experience in matters involving white collar crime investigations and charges. We take a strategic and proactive approach to criminal defense, working hard to head off criminal indictments whenever possible.

When representing you, we will undertake a comprehensive investigation of the facts surrounding your case. When needed, we work closely with other professionals who bring experience and knowledge to our defense team. These professionals include forensic accountants, IT specialists, psychiatrists and other qualified professionals. These experts help us challenge the assertions of the prosecutor and present alternative explanations for certain financial transactions.

The best time to overcome a criminal charge is before the indictment. McBrayer  will be your strong advocate, working hard to protect your rights and preserve your freedom.

Grand Jury Investigations

Being subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury presents grave risks. What you say in a grand jury hearing could implicate you in criminal activity and possibly lead to criminal charges. That said, your testimony could satisfy prosecutors by convincing them that you had no criminal knowledge or involvement regarding the subject of the investigation.

Our experienced criminal defense attorneys will help explain the grand jury process and advise you how to respond. If necessary, we can take immediate action to begin your defense effort. The Kentucky criminal investigation lawyers at our firm will work diligently to obtain the best outcome possible.

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To learn more about defense strategies in criminal investigations and your legal options, contact McBrayer PLLC. We serve clients throughout Kentucky from our offices in Louisville and Lexington.


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McBrayer offers counsel to corporations of all sizes, organizations, financial institutions, accounting firms, public companies, government contractors, and professionals in industries such as health care that may be undergoing government investigation or are involved in government proceedings. We not only provide proven and effective representation for entities, but also for individuals, including boards of director members, CEOs, management, auditors, and employees who are the target of civil or criminal government actions.

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