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Tax Controversy

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Tax disputes with the Internal Revenue Service or a state tax authority can be daunting. The survival of a taxpayer's business or individual livelihood may hinge on the efficient resolution of the dispute.

At the law firm of McBrayer, we are in the business of protecting taxpayers' businesses and individual livelihoods. Our attorneys represent taxpayers ranging from individuals and sole proprietorships to multinational corporations in Kentucky and throughout the United States in all types of tax controversies. We have law offices in Lexington and Louisville and a government relations practice in Frankfort with presence in Washington, D.C.

The following are examples of the types of tax controversy issues our lawyers can handle for you:

  • Responses to notices of tax adjustments from state and federal tax authorities
  • Tax audit assistance
  • Disputes over income tax or transactional taxes
  • Negotiation of an offer in compromise
  • Abatement of interest and penalties
  • Litigation in U.S. Tax Court or another appropriate venue
  • Trust fund recovery penalties
  • Appeals of tax liens and levies

Even if you have received a "friendly" letter from a state or federal tax authority concerning a tax issue, a timely response may be required. Our depth and breadth of experience helps us resolve tax controversies, no matter the level of adversity, before they grow large enough to threaten a taxpayer's business or livelihood.

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Who We Serve

McBrayer serve individuals, business owners, partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations, and tax-exempt organizations in the preparation and review of tax returns and tax planning. We also represent business owners facing tax controversies which may lead to litigation with state or federal authorities. Whether the business is a sole proprietorship or a multinational corporation, McBrayer has the know-how to handle all tax-related issues. Our goal is always to maximize after-tax results while offering counsel and representation regarding local, state, federal and international tax issues.

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