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Looking at the basics of Chapter 11 for businesses, P.1

Posted In Sales and Dissolutions

Last time, we mentioned that a Virginia-based mining company will be selling off parts of its business—including parts located in Kentucky—as part of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. In this and our next post, we wanted to provide a brief overview of Chapter 11 bankruptcy and why it is important for businesses to work with experienced legal counsel when pursuing a bankruptcy. More >

Kentucky mines to be sold as part of bankruptcy proceedings

Posted In Sales and Dissolutions

Bankruptcy often has a significant impact on the way a business operates. This makes sense, given that businesses going through the bankruptcy process have to figure out a way to make themselves viable after the process is complete. Oftentimes, part of what has to happen for a business to remain viable going forward after a bankruptcy is to sell off assets and portions of the business. More >

Tesla announces stock sale to expand business

Posted In Sales and Dissolutions

Most of our Kentucky readers have probably heard of Tesla Motors, the auto manufacture which produces electric vehicles and sells them directly to consumers rather than going through a dealer. At present, there are only several states which allow direct sales of Tesla vehicles. There are also several states where such sales are prohibited. In states where Tesla vehicles may not be sold, Tesla locations may only serve as showrooms. Kentucky is among the states where there are no Tesla locations. More >

Anheuser-Busch to sell distributorship in compliance with Kentucky law

Posted In Sales and Dissolutions

The business world and the legal world intersect at many different points, and it is important for business owners to not only keep track of their legal obligations, but also to pay attention to how changes in the law impact their business. This is especially the case when laws directly impact a business’ bottom line. More >

Addressing tax liabilities in a business sale an important task

Posted In Sales and Dissolutions

When a business owner is working on selling his or her business, there is a lot of planning that goes into the process. One important aspect of selling a business is to work out a tax strategy. In any business sale, potential buyers are going to want to know about  the tax liabilities the company is carrying before they purchase the business. More >

Stock and Asset Sales: Preliminary Agreements

Posted In Sales and Dissolutions

Prior posts discussed the basic advantages and disadvantages of structuring a sale of a business as a stock sale or an asset sale, as well as the initial considerations in agreeing to structure a sale as an asset purchase. This series will continue to expand on these types of sales with the next step in the process, the documents by which these sales begin. More >

What are my tax obligations in business dissolution?

Posted In Sales and Dissolutions

Closing a business can be a big undertaking from a financial and legal perspective. Not only must a business reach an agreement among owners that the company should be dissolved, it must also take stock of its assets, obtain a valuation, manage contacts and other obligations, cancel contracts, dispose of assets, pay off debts, and file the proper papers with the state. More >

Business sales: getting an accurate valuation, P.2

Posted In Sales and Dissolutions

In our last post, we began discussing the topic of business valuation, which is an important issue for those in business to have a grasp of when they approach the issue of selling their company or passing it on. As we noted, experts in the field identify several different approaches to business valuation. We’ve already briefly discussed the approach of the business’ assets or its income. More >

Business sales: getting an accurate valuation, P.1

Posted In Sales and Dissolutions

When it comes to selling or buying a closely held company, business valuation is an important issue. For sellers, the concern should be to ensure that one is able to receive a return on one’s investment, if possible. And buyers, of course, usually want to get a deal. Business valuation would be easier if it could be determined by a set formula, but as a recent article in The Lane Report notes, there is both a science and an art to business valuation.   More >

GoPro announces plans to sell millions in stock

Posted In Sales and Dissolutions

Stock sell-off, a term which our readers may have come across before, refers to the selling of securities by a company, whether stocks or bonds or other commodities. According to Investopedia.com, sell-offs can occur for a variety of reasons, such as after a less than satisfactory earnings report or when oil prices significantly increase. A sell-off can be a smart way for companies to deal with uncertainties in the stock market, depending on how they are handled. More >

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