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Kentucky Business Formation Lawyers

Legal needs vary significantly from one industry to the next. It is critical to work with an attorney who is well versed in those industry-specific concerns and who understands the unique needs of the business. That understanding comes not only from experience, but from taking the time to listen, observe and learn.

The law firm of McBrayer PLLC is known for sophisticated, timely and cost-effective solutions to today's business challenges. Our successful advocacy is a reflection of our industry knowledge, cross-disciplinary capabilities and a philosophy of tailoring our services to the needs and goals of each client.

Comprehensive Business And Corporate Law Services

Our legal team represents businesses of all sizes, from small, locally owned shops to Fortune 500 companies. We are particularly well-acquainted with the legal issues unique to the health care industry, the energy and coal industry, the telecommunications sector, the hospitality and travel industry, and clients in commercial lending and commercial development.

Our attorneys provide counsel and representation for all stages of business:

Sophisticated Counsel for Complex Business Matters

Our firm is especially known for its capabilities in complex business transactions, from multimillion-dollar mergers to strategic acquisitions or downsizing. We can address the financial, legal and regulatory ramifications to consummate deals smoothly and avoid future legal disputes.

Another great strength of our firm is the breadth and depth of our in-house legal knowledge. Aside from industry expertise, the diverse legal disciplines of our attorneys enable us to tackle business and corporate matters from every angle, from tax and regulatory implications to personal liability and estate planning.

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