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Showing 9 posts from May 2013.

Who Holds the Keys to Your Office Building?

Making the leap from leasing to buying an office building can be daunting for business owners. After all, enduring the risks that come with owning a business is hard enough; venturing into the commercial real estate market can present a whole new set of hazards. However, the purchase of your own space can be highly profitable and advantageous. More >

Ask Yourself Some Questions Before Giving Kid the Business

Many of our Kentucky readers who own a business and have kids have likely considered what will happen to a business when it's time to retire. Do you want to pass your business onto your child? Do you want to sell outside of the family? Every situation is unique, which is why people thinking about business succession planning should consider several factors before arriving at a decision.  More >

Planning For Your Online Afterlife

You may think that your Last Testament and Will (herein "will") clearly and thoroughly identifies all of your assets. But, it is very likely something is missing. This is not necessarily your fault because these items are of a new, unique nature and have not been considered "property" until very recently. So, what is it you are overlooking? Your online accounts. More >

Weighing Going Private or Sale to Carl Icahn, Dell Cuts Off Info

As Dell Inc. considers its future after a massive loss in value over the past decade, the question may fundamentally be this: are the company's problems are the result of poor leadership or a relatively straightforward matter of shedding its stock obligations? More >

Key Man Life Insurance & Purchasing a Member's Interest

Sometimes entrepreneurs get so caught up in the day-to-day operations of their business that they forget to look ahead to the "ifs" that the future may hold. One important "if" that everyone business owner should consider is, "What would happen to the business if one of the owners or a key employee should suddenly die?" Failure to properly plan for the death of an owner or key employee can lead to unintended consequences for the business. For example, the Company could be faced with liquidity issues if it is forced to buy out the interest of a deceased shareholder with a lump-sum payment. Another unintended consequence is the possibility that the deceased owner's spouse could become your business partner if there are no restrictions on the transfer of ownership interests in place. More >

Closely Held Tech Company Buyer Values Twitter at $10 Billion

Twitter, Inc., has not announced a plan for an initial public offering, but experts assume the social media website will go public in the near term, based on its performance with advertising. One of Twitter's shareholders, however, has just upped its estimate of the service's value by nearly 10 percent. More >

Coalition Sues Treasury to Stop IRS Tax Penalties Under ACA

In one of at least seven current lawsuits involving the Affordable Care Act, a coalition of 12 businesses and individuals has filed suit against the Department of the Treasury seeking to halt implementation of ACA tax penalties in states that haven't set up health insurance exchanges. The IRS issued new tax rules in 2012 in anticipation of the health care law, and the coalition claims some of the rules directly contradict Congress's intent. More >

Starting a Business: Entity Selection

Several months ago I saw a commercial with a woman talking about starting her toffee business with her mother's secret recipe and incorporation documents from an internet site. You know the one. I like the commercial because it highlights her entrepreneurial spirit and her story, she took what she thought was a small idea and, with hard work, made a successful company, is always a good story to hear. But because you are what you do, I wondered if the internet site helped her decide on the type of entity to use for her business and whether it addressed potential liability and tax issues, ownership structure, minority owner issues, profit and loss allocation, and transferability of ownership interest. I suspect it did not More >

Owensboro Health Acquires Ohio Valley Surgical Specialists

Ohio Valley Surgical Specialists, an organization of surgeons and surgical medical professionals founded in the mid 1920s, has agreed to a merger with Owensboro Health. The acquisition, which is slated to become official today, should provide Owensboro Health with a number of business and medical contributions key to the success of its $385-million, 477-bed, state-of-the-art hospital which is currently under construction. More >

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