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Showing 4 posts from December 2014.

Work with attorney to maintain ownership of business

In a recent Forbes article, contributor Steve Parrish wrote about an interesting issue that most closely-held businesses, often family-owned, face in some way or another: how to maintain control over a business. The problem is not a small one, because failure to properly plan can create a situation where ownership of the business falls into the hands of individuals who aren't right for the job. More >

What are my tax obligations in business dissolution?

Closing a business can be a big undertaking from a financial and legal perspective. Not only must a business reach an agreement among owners that the company should be dissolved, it must also take stock of its assets, obtain a valuation, manage contacts and other obligations, cancel contracts, dispose of assets, pay off debts, and file the proper papers with the state. More >

Mergers and acquisitions not always successful, so plan wisely

Mergers and acquisitions are in the news a lot nowadays, as readers may have noticed. In fact, merger and acquisition activity has been quite significant this year, with global mergers having exceeded a value of $3 trillion through the end of November, according to a recent New York Times article citing data from Thomson Reuters. The assumption, to those who aren't experienced in the area, is that all these business deals are probably really helping companies out. More >

Cable merger runs into problems in different areas of Kentucky

Many of our readers have by now heard of the proposed merger of Comcast and Time Warner Cable. As part of the merger agreement reached by the companies, approval from at least 85 percent of Time Warner Cable’s client base is required, and some markets have been putting up resistance. More >

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