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Honors & Awards

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Kentucky Bar Association, 1993

Louisville Bar Association, 1993

Indiana Bar Association, 1997

Kentucky Eastern and Western Districts, 6th Circuit Court of Appeals

Indiana Northern and Southern District Admissions, 7th Circuit Court of Appeals

US Supreme Court


  • University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law, 1993
  • University of Kentucky, English major, 1988.
    • Twenty seven hours of post-graduate study at UofL in English literature and writing


Ed Monarch is a trial lawyer. He investigates, researches, advocates in Court, and tries cases in the state and federal Courts of Kentucky and Indiana. For the past 23 years, the main focus of his practice has been the litigation of claims brought against physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare providers in Kentucky. These claims include medical professional liability claims, wrongful death, nursing and hospital staff liability, negligent credentialing of physicians, issues arising from physician membership on a medical staff, and complaints filed against physicians with the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure.

Ed has also litigated sexual harassment and wrongful termination claims in the field of employment law and, in the field of estates and trusts, claims involving alleged misuse of a power of attorney and claims of undue influence and fraud in the execution of a will.

Ed knows well that cases in litigation always involve an issue that is emotionally important to the people involved.  He approaches every person in litigation with respect, but is never blinded by the emotional aspect of a claim. Ed is interested in the facts – what people saw, what they heard, what they said and what they did. 

Outside of law, Ed's academic interests are in biological sciences and generational financial planning, because these subjects help guide decisions in his own life. The tools of financial planning in particular have helped him to educate his children, provide for retirement, and, he hopes, will allow him to contribute to the long-term financial security of his family. 

Outside of work, Ed enjoys skiing, hiking and horseback riding, and he exercises and occasionally rides bicycles for routine fitness.

Ed believes all people are called to use their talents to contribute to the good in the world.  Practicing law is about helping people.  In his work with hospitals and healthcare professionals, Ed is driven by a complete respect for the sacrifices that are required of healthcare professionals, and he has a deep admiration for those who are called upon to help the sick, the injured and the elderly.  Ed's contribution is to be an advocate for the healthcare professional; to defend their reputations and their resources, and to help interface between the healthcare provider and the many branches of government to which it must answer.

Whether in healthcare, estates and trusts, or another subject of litigation, Ed can contribute by advocating the rights of his clients in a courtroom setting.  He finds value in supporting a legal framework in which businesses, families and individuals can succeed.

Ed wants his clients to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing their attorney cares about them, understands their case no matter how complex, and has the skills to translate this complex information such that a jury also will understand the facts and care about the client. In every case, Ed learns the facts that are important to the outcome, and it is his goal to learn nothing at trial, because he knows exactly what to expect before the client’s case gets to trial.

Ed also wants potential clients to know that he is deeply interested in protecting their reputations and achieving their goals. He is always prepared for the task to be accomplished, and is thorough in his work. In Court, Ed fights false premises and combats emotional decision-making with reason, with facts, and with leadership. 

Ed started at McBrayer after having been a trial attorney for twenty-seven years; his entire career has revolved around the courtroom. Ed has litigated cases for both Plaintiffs and Defendants, but for many years his focus has been on defending healthcare providers and businesses from claims brought against them. His career as a healthcare attorney has allowed him the opportunity to present the testimony of Professors of Medicine and Surgery from Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, University of Alabama Birmingham, Stanford, Georgetown, Columbia and many other institutions. Ed sees litigation as a constant education, in which he learns something new every day. 

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Professional Activities

Community/Civic Leadership

Kentucky Hospital Association, Defense Resource Initiative

Professional Activities

Kentucky Society for Healthcare Risk Managers

American Health Lawyers Association                

Kentucky Bar Association 1993.

Louisville Bar Association 1993.

Indiana Bar Association 1997.

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