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RHC Opioid Litigation: A Class Action Lawsuit Taking on the Opioid Industry

An Epidemic

The United States is in the midst of an opioid epidemic, and this is no surprise. We allege that opioid manufacturers have engaged in unlawful marketing, sales and distribution practices that have resulted in addiction, dependency, serious health problems, criminal activity and loss of life. 

We allege that these manufacturers have aggressively pushed highly addictive, dangerous opioids, falsely representing to practitioners that patients would only rarely succumb to drug addiction. 


Rural Health Clinics: On the Front Lines

The provision of healthcare to individuals impacted by the opioid epidemic has fallen heavily on rural health clinics, who are disproportionately encumbered with the added costs of treatment. These expenditures are both substantial and uncompensated, and they are harming rural health clinics who are already operating on slim budgets in medically-underserved areas. 

Fighting Back: A Class Action Lawsuit

On March 21st, 2018, we filed Civil Action No. 6:18-cv-00087-GFVT in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky, a class action lawsuit targeting the opioid producers we believe are responsible for the substantial burdens placed on rural health clinics. 

The importance of this suit cannot be overstated: this is the first step in fighting back against the opioid crisis. We are seeking to push back at opioid manufacturers who are profiting from misleading practices.

What this Lawsuit Could Mean for Your RHC

Our goal is to get RHCs compensated for the burdens of treating those impacted by the opioid crisis. This would involve a substantial financial component. 

How to Get Involved

Are you operating a Rural Health Clinic in Kentucky or the Appalachian region? If so, there's a chance you are already or soon to be a member of the class participating in this class action. If you'd like to know for sure or want more details on what the litigation entails, contact us for more information or give us a call at (859)231-8780.

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