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Living Wills in Kentucky: The Basics

Terri Schiavo. Everyone knows the name and most remember the sad circumstances surrounding her death. Terri's parents and her husband fought passionately over whether Terri, who suffered brain damage and was in a persistent vegetative state, should live by artificial means or die naturally. The feud played out in the national news and in court until Terri's husband won the right to have Terri's feeding tube withdrawn. Terri died thirteen days after its removal. More >

Owensboro Health Acquires Ohio Valley Surgical Specialists

Ohio Valley Surgical Specialists, an organization of surgeons and surgical medical professionals founded in the mid 1920s, has agreed to a merger with Owensboro Health. The acquisition, which is slated to become official today, should provide Owensboro Health with a number of business and medical contributions key to the success of its $385-million, 477-bed, state-of-the-art hospital which is currently under construction. More >

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