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Mergers and Acquisitions: Five Early Considerations in any M&A Transaction

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) can be tricky transactions, a delicate dance between buyer and seller that must be choreographed in minute detail. This requires contemplation of a multitude of issues at the outset, many of which must be addressed as early as the letter of intent stage. Below are some of the top issues that should be decided upon as early as possible in the M&A process, as doing so is paramount to a successful transaction. More >

Due diligence critical in working up to merger/acquisition agreement

We’ve been speaking in recent posts about the merger review process, as well as a recent proposal to streamline that process. As these posts have made clear—at least in the context of dealing with federal regulators—mergers and acquisitions require a lot of planning, a lot of coordination, and a lot of work. More >

Making the merger review process more efficient, P.2

In our previous post, we began speaking about how companies can make the merger review process more efficient for themselves. As we noted, one important way to do this is by getting in contact with the Federal Trade Commission early on in the process and maintaining good communications along the way so that the agency is able to evaluate data as efficiently as possible. More >

Proposal would streamline merger review process

We’ve been speaking in a recent series of posts about the merger review process and some general ways to make it more efficient so that less time and resources are wasted. As we noted last time, one of the features of the review process is that either the Department of Justice or the Federal Trade Commission can handle a review. More >

Making the merger review process more efficient, P.1

One of the hurdles business must deal with in moving forward with a merger agreement is the merger review process. We have previously spoken about this process and some of the difficulties businesses can face in complying with the requests of the investigating agency. One of the issues we have not discussed is the burden of complying with data requests in general. More >

Health insurance company UnitedHealth discussing possible merger

In the health care industry, saying competitive and operating efficiently is important for survival, and businesses in this industry need to continually seek to consolidate resources to ensure they are operating in as streamlined a fashion as possible. One of the tools that is sometimes used in this effort is mergers and acquisitions. When companies combine resources and markets in a well-planned merger, they can help to ensure greater success. More >

Responding to challenges in the merger review process, P.2

In our last post, we began speaking about the merger review process and the potential challenges that can come up for companies. One particularly aspect of the review process that can be a sticking point is the period after the preliminary review of a premerger filing, when the reviewing agency (either the Federal Trade Commission or the Department of Justice, as the case may be) could either terminate the waiting period early, allow it to expire on its own, or make a Request For Additional Information. More >

Responding to challenges in the merger review process, P.1

When two companies propose a merger, there are a lot of things that need to fall into place to make the deal successful. Aside from the business, financial and logistical aspects of the merger, there are various legal issues that must be addressed. This includes submitting the merger to the scrutiny of federal regulators. More >

Regulators likely to heavily scrutinize proposed Humana-Aetna merger

At the beginning of the month, insurance companies Aetna Inc. and Humana Inc. announced they would be pursuing a merger, with the former company acquiring the latter. Aetna, sources say, will be purchasing Humana for roughly $230 per share, and the total deal is valued at $37 billion. More >

What is the FTC looking at when it reviews merger agreements?

In our last post, we spoke about a proposed merger between office supply chains Office Depot and Staples. As we noted, Office Depot shareholders recently voted to go forward with the acquisition, but the Federal Trade Commission still has to review the agreement and make a decision, which will determine whether or not the process can move forward. More >

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