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Best Practices for Transitioning to the Virtual Workplace

Over the past few months, most businesses have been forced to adapt the way they operate due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A common adaptation has been to move toward a virtual business – for both services and employees. This transition brings a host of new concerns related to cybersecurity and the protection of client, employee, and organization information. More >

Third Circuit Upholds Authority of FTC to Uphold Data Security

There are a multitude of federal laws such as HIPAA and Gramm-Leach-Bliley that impose penalties for failure to protect certain types of client data in certain circumstances, and even states have gotten in the act with Kentucky providing a private right of action for consumers affected by data breach. To date, however, there is no comprehensive federal legislation designed to safeguard sensitive client data in all circumstances. The Federal Trade Commission feels otherwise, recently invoking the Federal Trade Commission Act of 1914 ("the Act") to argue that failure to protect client data is an unfair or deceptive business practice in violation of the Act. In the case of FTC v. Wyndham Worldwide Corporation¸ the Third Circuit agreed. More >

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