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Infringement Litigation

We protect well-known brand names as well as the ones you will come to know and love.

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Businesses may need to protect their registered intellectual property through litigation, or they may be forced to defend of such actions from others. Our intellectual property litigators have the knowledge and experience to see copyright, trademark and patent infringement litigation through, aggressively representing intellectual property clients to preserve their rights. 

Technical Savvy

Intellectual property disputes are often complex and highly technical, and our attorneys have the technical expertise, business savvy, and experience to assist businesses throughout the infringement litigation process. Patent litigation in particular requires a sophisticated understanding of incredibly technical material, and our intellectual property team brings the expertise and courtroom proficiency that can provide positive outcomes for our patent litigation clients.

Both Sides of the Equation

Our clients may find themselves on either side of intellectual property litigation. In either case the client has interests at stake, and our team of experienced intellectual property attorneys will assist them with litigating the claim efficiency and effectively to get them out of court and back to business as soon as possible.

Kentucky Intellectual Property Attorneys, Nationwide Clients

Our intellectual property infringement litigation clients range from trailblazing start-ups to major established well-known companies, all of which benefit from our unique, business-focused approach to developing litigation strategies tailored to each client's definition of success. Also, through representation of both plaintiffs and defendants, our attorneys have expertise in remedies and damages that better positions clients to achieve the best possible outcomes, and to do so as efficiently as possible.

Take the First Step to Success

To discuss the ways our attorneys can assist your business with trademark, copyright or patent infringement litigation, contact the firm online.


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Seminars & Speaking Engagements

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    Kentucky Bar Association Annual Convention, June 21, 2017
  • IP 101: A Non-Specialist’s Guide to the Basics of Intellectual Property Law
    Kentucky Bar Association Annual Convention, June 16, 2010



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