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Showing 2 posts from June 2015.

Bonding off a Private Mechanic’s Lien In Kentucky

In my previous post, I discussed the basics of filing a private mechanic’s lien in Kentucky. Today, the subject will turn to the release of a private mechanic’s lien by execution of a bond. Execution of a bond for release of lien (the “Bond”) provides the owner of property against which a mechanic’s lien has been asserted, or the contractor who contracted with the owner for the provision of labor and/or materials for improvement of the property, an avenue of relief whereby the owner or contractor can have a mechanic’s lien filed against the property released. Utilization of a Bond is particularly helpful when a dispute arises regarding the validity of an asserted mechanic’s lien. More >

Development in Areas Prone to Flooding

Development in flood prone areas is regulated by a combination of federal, state and local regulations to reduce the possibility of loss of life and property, and to reduce the cost associated with development and rebuilding in these areas. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (“FEMA”) publishes flood maps that identify the regulatory floodplain. Congress has enacted various changes to existing legislation to discourage development in special hazard areas and to facilitate the purchase of flood insurance in by property owners in flood prone areas. Under current laws, communities that want to make national flood insurance available to its residents must participate in the National Flood Insurance Program. This required communities to adopt certain minimum standards that regulate development in areas that are prone to flooding, including standards that prohibit new development in special hazard areas. More >

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