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Tips for New Enrollment & Revalidation for Participation in Medicare & Medicaid

Posted In Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (“CMS”), Chain and Organization System (“PECOS”), Medicaid, Medicare

The new enrollment and revalidation requirements for providers and suppliers for Medicare/Medicaid participation was previously  detailed on this blog. As promised as a follow-up, this blog post will describe enrollment best practices and tips for ensuring that enrollment or revalidation is properly accomplished. Not only is initial enrollment now more onerous, but revalidation is required for all physicians and other providers/suppliers who were enrolled before March 25, 2011, which generally means that all physicians and physician groups must complete the re-enrollment process. A failure to re-enroll means that CMS will de-activate payment until a successful re-enrollment process is completed. In some cases, CMS may even revoke participation. Thus, it is crucial that physicians, providers, and suppliers get it right the first time. More >

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