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One Week In – Are Kentuckians Kynect-ing?

Posted In Health Care Law, Health Insurance, Health Reform, Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange, Kynect

Everyone, especially those in the health care industry, waited with bated breath to see the nationwide launch of the online health insurance marketplaces on October 1st. The launch was plagued with website malfunctions and connectivity problems in some states, including Kentucky, but programs across the country welcomed people clamoring for a look at America’s new health care options. Proponents of the exchanges say that the glitches and initial setbacks are a good sign – the overwhelming traffic to the websites show that people are actively seeking health care. Health reform opponents see the initial problems as a sign that the exchanges, and health reform generally, are too cumbersome and complicated to implement effectively. More >

Squeezing Blood from a Turnip: Health Care Reform & Kentucky’s Physician Shortage

Deloitte Consulting, a technology firm helping to establish the new Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange mandated by the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”), recently completed a review that paints quite a grim outlook for the future state of health care in the Commonwealth. According to the review, Kentucky needs 3,790 additional physicians (including primary care doctors and specialists), 612 more dentists, 5,635 more registered nurses, 296 more physician assistants, and 269 more optometrists to meet current demand. The numbers are stunning on their own, but in light of health care reform and Medicaid expansion, they are downright staggering. More >

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