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Showing 4 posts from October 2011.

Electronic Prescribing: A Medicare Cut is Looming for all Physicians in 2012 and 2013

Posted In Health Care Law

Technology is wonderful! It seems like everyday our lives become easier and more convenient due to the ever changing world of IT. We can do almost anything over the Internet…order tickets, shop, chat, and now…even obtain prescription medications. More >

Accountable Care Organizations Regulations Passed This Week

Posted In Health Care Law

The final rule for accountable care organizations (“ACO”s) released by the Obama Administration this week addresses many of the criticisms received by the proposed rule, which was published this spring.  ACOs have been touted as one of the more promising initiatives of the Affordable Care Act because they aim to reduce the costs of caring for Medicare beneficiaries while improving quality of care by allowing provider partnerships to coordinate care, share medical records, and minimize duplicative tests and medical errors. More >


Posted In Health Care Law

As more nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, chiropractors and other allied health professionals obtain advanced degrees that confer the ability to use the title “doctor,” physicians should be concerned that losing control over the term “doctor,” a word that has identified physicians for centuries, will create confusion for consumers and lead to a loss of control over the practice of medicine. With a shortage of physicians nationally as well as in Kentucky, mid-level practitioners are becoming the gatekeepers for health care.  Mid-level practitioners now make important medical decisions about diagnosis and access to care.  In Kentucky, the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure (“KBML”) has taken an active role regulating the practice of certain allied health professions.  Professions that have their own licensing authority, however, have the ability to broaden the scope of practice of their profession and determine what title may be used.  The tensions between the professions may culminate in who gets to use the term “doctor.” More >


Posted In Health Care Law

With an economy in recession and health care costs that continue to rise, attorneys are bound to represent physicians, hospitals, nursing homes, physical therapists, chiropractors, nurse practitioners and many other types of health care providers as well as their patients at some time.  The current complexity and uncertainty of health law and its regulations are recipes for confusion for all lawyers even those that practice in the health law area on a daily basis.   The following represents a potpourri of health law topics that are important areas for attorneys to know about regardless of practice area.  More >

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