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The ICD-10 switchover: It’s here – are you prepared?

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The day of reckoning is upon us – October 1st has now come and gone, and there was no other delay of ICD-10 implementation (the earliest proposed date of implementation was October 1, 2011, which was pushed back to October 1, 2013, then October 1, 2014, then the final deadline of October 1st of 2015 – there are only so many times one can press the “Snooze” button on ICD-10 implementation, apparently). The implementation of ICD-10 is in full swing, and healthcare entities that were unprepared will be feeling a significant impact if they have not begun the process. The importance of ICD-10 readiness cannot be understated, and healthcare entities that have yet to work on Phase 1 of implantation should understand that it isn’t too late to get ready for the change. More >

Part II: Are U.S. Providers Ready to Catch Up in Medical Coding?

If you are a provider and are unsure about the differences in ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes or why there is a need for implementation, I highly suggest you read Tuesday’s post. More >

Are U.S. Providers Ready to Catch Up in Medical Coding?

After the bungled introduction of HealthCare.gov, providers are unquestionably leery of other technical health care-related requirements on the horizon. If there is a lesson to be learned in the wake of the Health Exchange debacle, it is this: it is never too early to prepare for change. More >

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