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Showing 4 posts from July 2012.

Vacation Pay at Termination: What’s your Policy?

For many employers, the summer season brings with it an increase in employee vacations. With that in mind, now may be a good time to re-visit vacation pay policies as they pertain to employee separation. In particular, how does your company handle accrued, but unused, vacation pay at the time of separation? More >

Shortening Statutes of Limitations for Kentucky Civil Rights Act Claims by Agreement

Employment discrimination claims under the Kentucky Civil Rights Act (“KCRA”) are subject to a five (5) year statute of limitation.  This lengthy amount of time during which terminated employees may bring claims under the act may place employers in an uneasy position, even when the claim is less than viable.  For example, an employer terminated today may be able to file a KCRA claim against his or her former employer as late as July of 2017.  It essentially requires an employer to preserve evidence which may be utilized for its defense for several years in the future – during which time other employees alleged to have done wrong may leave the company, or move departments or locations, or during which time memories may simply fade – just in case the former employee decides to initiate an action under the KCRA. More >


Over the past several years, more and more employers are attempting to cut costs by hiring individuals as independent contractors as opposed to employees. This trend, however, has caught the attention of the Federal Department of Labor, which this year has again increased its budget to “detect and deter” misclassification of workers as independent contractors. This budget also includes the addition of dozens of new full time employees dedicated to investigate possible violations resulting from misclassification. More >

If it is not written down, did it happen?

An all too common issue we see in working with businesses is a lack of diligence in requiring hourly employees to fully document their time.  Most do a good job of requiring their employees to document when they first get to work and when they leave.  However, employers must also be diligent in requiring employees to document the time they take for lunch. More >

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