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Showing 4 posts from August 2011.

Social Media 101: Regulate

            Social media is everywhere and is here to stay.  This summer we have seen the good side of social media through the wonderful on-the-spot news updates during the revolutions and uprisings in the Arab world, most recently in Libya and Syria.  We have also been witness to the dark side, as demonstrated by the downfall of New York Representative Anthony Weiner and his unfortunate distribution of inappropriate personal pictures through Twitter.  The ubiquity of social media has caused a headache for employers, however.  Just how much can and should an employer regulate the social media use of its employees? More >

Around the Virtual Water Cooler: Assessing, Implementing and Enforcing Company Social Media Policies in Light of Recent National Labor Relations Board Trends

It is old news that working-aged people are increasingly utilizing social media, both in and out of the workplace.  In fact, a recent Pew Research Institute study found that 60-69% of Generation Xers (34-45) and approximately one-half of Baby Boomers (46-64) now engage in social networking. Late last year, by several accounts, Facebook even surpassed Google to become the most popular Internet site.[1]  More >

The Ties That Bind: Is Your Arbitration Agreement Enforceable and Binding

Posted In Employment Law

Arbitration agreements are effective mechanisms to resolve employment disputes more efficiently and affordably than traditional litigation.  They are becoming standard practice in most at-will employment situations, and for good reason.  They provide a simple and informal way to resolve employment disputes, as they are relatively inexpensive, more expedient, and reduce legal costs by avoiding the expense of litigation.  Most employers have either already implemented an arbitration agreement program for their employees or have considered it.  But are they enforceable?  More >

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